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Next-generation big data analytic platform for Life and P&C insurance
companies to optimize their business

IoT for Insurance

Taking insurance to the next level with
Internet of Things

Leveraging our IoT service, insurance companies can create innovative products, gain superior customer experience, de-risk compliance, and transform their business

Digital Transformation for Insurance

Digital innovation for a better connected
insurance future

We help insurance companies to create engaging and consistent digital experiences across every touchpoints


Leverage the power of data, and processes you gather to your advantage using Scalable Insurance data analytics services. We help you improve business outcomes through data driven decisions.

Accelerate Your Analytics Success With SEAL

Agile Business Analytics services for today's insurance business On-Demand!

  • Your Choice of Data & Analytics Technology

  • Your Choice of Platform. On-premise, Cloud or Hybrid

  • Leverage our global Analytics Lab & Talent

  • Scale your team size anytime as per need